Meet our new “sustainability captain”

You’ve seen her around Strider events on and off for 20 years and she has volunteered for several opportunities but none as important and time-consuming as assisting the Badgerland Striders with becoming more ecologically aware.  As you may know, the 2019 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon has been working very hard on coming up with solutions for making less of a carbon footprint.  This is all at the direction of Karin Schwartz.


Karin started running at age 40 during the “off season” when she wasn’t playing on one of her 3 softball teams, basketball or field hockey teams and placed in many of the Strider 5k-5 mile events.  She quickly realized that the social opportunities were just as important to her so she has become a mainstay at our water stops, build-up runs and of course our fun runs.  When you see someone carrying compostable bags or barrel of recyclables, good chances are it is Karin just helping again!  Thank you for all of your efforts in trying to improve the Lakefront Marathon and the Badgerland Striders.