The Prez. Says-February 2018

Posted by Pete Abraham    
Whenever the press interviews the race director of a marathon or other big distance event there seems to be a ‘math’ problem. In the case of the Lakefront Marathon, the announcement is usually something like “3200 runners are set to run the 26.2 mile race.” Yet when you look at the results you will see that there were around 2100 finishers. The reality is that while 3200 runners signed up only 2100 or so showed up on race day. So what happened to the missing 1100 runners?  We’ll never know for sure but we can assume some get injured, some have conflicts with other events, and some just lose interest or never follow through on the necessary training.
When calculating the rankings of the largest marathons in the county, the key number is finishers. For the past few years LFM has ranked in the top 40 or so marathons in America by number of finishers. Adding a few hundred finishers is all it would take to move us up substantially in the rankings. With that in mind we’ve set out to both increase the number of those signing up and to try to reduce the number of those that drop out before race day.
Our new Marathon 101 program is specifically designed to help new (and newer) marathoners get to the start and finish lines. The program is built around our widely successful decades old Marathon Build up program. Yeah, you still have to go out and put in the miles but we’re gonna help every step of the way. For most of us being part of a group helps motivate us and our plan is built around group runs, training seminars, and even a little post training run partying for those inclined to partake! We’ll help you train smart, get to the finish line, and make a few new friends along the way.
So the here’s the deal: We will help get you to the finish, and in turn you will be helping us move up in the rankings. A Win – Win. Sign up soon!