Striders go to the movies!

Boston: The Documentary

Posted by Scott Stauske    

We have all heard the stories of the Boston Marathon from the print media, watching the events unfold on television broadcasts and even from friends/aquaintences who worked hard to earn the right to participate but on Thursday, April 27th we had the chance to witness all the sights, sounds, history and pagentry that goes into making this event so special.  The Badgerland Striders worked with the Marcus Majestic Theater and the distribution company for the movie Boston: the documentary to get a special screening for just our club.  We had 102 people purchase tickets, which according to Dick Dodd, was about 10 times larger than the opening night he attended a week earlier.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie, the company and the fact that the Striders care as much about offering social events as they do putting on safe, cost-effective runs.  I know that unless someting dramtically changes in my life (yes, I like beer!) I will not qualify for the Boston Marathon but for one night, I felt the inspiration and motivation…who knows?

Thank you to all of you that attended!

BTW….if you get the movie on DVD (no release date set yet) make sure you slow down the segment about the really hot race day and you will see a close up of the Striders very own Terri Bodden and Kevin Meunier.  From what I saw, it didn’t even look like they were sweating.  We have celebrities in our Club!