News from the Trails

Posted by Jeff Weiss    

As some of you know I am the Badgerland Striders representative on the Milwaukee County Trails Committee.  I hope to use this space to bring you news from that committee.

The biggest story right now is that the East Branch of the Oak Leaf Trail is under construction.  If you commute or just run, walk or stroll along that trail you will have seen some construction equipment already appearing there.  Here is a story on that construction.

11/16/2017 Update

Phase 1 of the project has begun, installing the ramp from Barlett near North down to the trail to allow heavy equipment access.

In a change of plans the trail needs to be closed during this first phase due to the risk of bodily injury caused by the heavy equipment on the trail.  The first phase again is the installation of a drainage system along the side of the trail in each flooding area.  This phase should be completed by January 1st and then the trail will be reopened until the ground thaws enough in the spring to start the repaving phase.  This repaving will raise the paved surface approximately 4″ and complete the relandscaping along the trail.

The trails work is scheduled to be done in mid June.  Let’s all hope for good construction weather.