BLS took over the Dew Deck

Posted by Barb Drees    

The Striders did better than the Brewer on Friday, April 28! Brewers lost to the Braves, but the Striders had a party in the Dew Deck at Miller Park. BLS was able to get 74 tickets and they sold out quickly! Our package included a buffet dinner, climbing on the rock wall, and a couple of beers, plus the Brewer’s all fan give-away of a long sleeve t-shirt. Best part was this event brought out more the usual crowd of Striders and we got to make a lot of new friends. A great deal for only $39!!!

More social activities are in the plans, watch our website and facebook page for announcements and registration details. And leave a comment if you have ideas for a social event because we’re always open for new adventures!