New 2019 Fun Run Challenge

  by DREES BARBARA | April 24, 2019

Introducing a new fun addition to our summer fun runs – Striders will be tracking points associated with attending fun runs and social media posting about it on different platforms like facebook, twitter, and Instagram. The challenge will go through the Wed, Oct 2nd Pumpkin Spice Fun Run. Those that collect the most points will earn a special Strider t-shirt; for those that collect below the threshold for the free shirt, you’ll still be able to purchase the shirt and the price will be discounted based on how many points you did collect. Tentative plan is to have the shirts available at Discovery Run and Turkey Trot for pickup and payments. Each week there will be a new hashtag and instructions on where and what to post. Each week we’ll be searching on that hashtag to see who posted and earned points. You will have 48 hours to post - it must be posted by Friday evening to earn the points. Some weeks may have additional bonus points opportunities – easy stuff like including pictures of yourself with a Strider race shirt or volunteering at a race or buildup run. The purpose is to add even more fun to fun runs, if that’s even possible! And to get even more of you in cool Striders gear. The points start with the April 24)with the Craft Beer Fun Run. To earn points post on Facebook (and make sure the post is public so we can see it) with a picture of you having fun at Big Head Brewery with the hashtag #StriderOutdoorFunRunshaveStarted Expect the next challenge hashtag to be announced on our web page ( and on our FB page.