March meeting speaker is “out of this world”

  by SCOTT STAUSKE | March 9, 2019

At our General Meeting Wed. March 20, Dr. Jeff Leismer described his new technology relating to vibratory stimulation during stationary training. His corporation, Vibe Tech, provides services to the elderly and disabled, as well as to elite athletes and NASA. The meeting was informative and entertaining. Hope to see you at our next meeting! Here is a brief bio: Dr. Jeff Leismer is a biomedical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and researcher with a passion for pioneering non-invasive medical equipment to reduce atrophy of the body and improve quality of life through applied therapeutic vibration science and technology. Since 2000, he has been developing space medicine technologies, which led to the invention of VibeTech’s core science and technology and the spinoff of new, related technologies for various market applications. He is Founder & CEO of VibeTech, Inc. (Sheboygan, WI.), a NASA Spinoff company that provides unprecedented improvements in strength, function, and quality of life, and reduction of pain for rehab & recovery, prevention of injury & health maintenance, and performance enhancement. Dr. Leismer has secured 9 patents, with 5 pending in the US and abroad and has received research grants and business awards from federal, state and local government, universities and private foundations.