“Fun Runs” are happening!

  by SCOTT STAUSKE | November 30, 2018

Two of our famous winter fun runs are taking place this December: December 5: Join us at the Milwaukee County Zoo where we will have the place to ourselves...well, except the other animals! Take a lap or 5 around the loop then enjoy some beverages, snack and good company. Meet inside the Flamingo Room by 6:30pm December 22: The "Big One" of our Winter fun runs is the "Winter Solstice" run. Remember years ago when the ancient Mayan prophesy proclaimed the possibility of the world ending? Well, we Striders don't take that lying down...we party! So another year of having fun will be celebrated as we jog our way through the Candy Cane Lane only to arrive back at Gus Amans' Bar for liquid refreshments, good food and fun. A great mingle opportunity! See our Facebook page for up to the minute details!