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Karin Schwartz
Short Description:
You’ve seen her around Strider events on and off for 20 years and she has volunteered for several opportunities but none as important and time-consuming as assisting the Badgerland Striders with becoming more ecologically aware. As you may know, the 2019 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon has been working very hard on coming up with solutions for making less of a carbon footprint. This is all at the direction of Karin Schwartz. Karin is a fellow Strider who is using her passion to make our Club better. Let's find out where you fit in!!!
Barb Drees
Short Description:
Chances are pretty good that if you attend any Badgerland Strider event, you are likely to see a familiar and friendly face, Barb Drees. Not only has she been involved with just about every volunteer opportunity that we have but she has taken on leadership roles with many. Not only is she the driving force behind the revised Strider “Perfect 10” races coming up on Dec 2nd (make sure you sign up!) but she also was a V.P. for this years Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. Not only does it take a lot of time and energy but her ideas for constant improvements are very welcomed. Barb also believes that the Striders are more than just a Club with members who run. Therefore, she has taken it upon herself to plan events that are social in nature and give members a fun experience getting to know other Club members who appreciate getting to know one another outside of funning races. Barb Drees is constantly looking for ways to improve our Club and she does it all with an infectious smile on her face. Barb is super valuable to the success of the Badgerland Striders and it would be great if you let her know you appreciate what she has done and continues to do.

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