Club Championships


Strider members participating in Strider events earn points toward the annual club championships.  Every Strider member is required to volunteer in some capacity during the year.  Fulfillment of this requirement will be required to be eligible to win an award.  It will be up to you to notify me when you fulfill this.  Age groups begin at 19 & under and continue in five year increments through 80 & over.

RESULTS FOR 2021 (as of October 31, 2021)

2021 Short Distance Series - MEN - WOMEN

2021 Long Distance Series - MEN - WOMEN

2021 Ultra Distance Series - MEN - WOMEN


2019 Short Distance Series – MEN – WOMEN
Events: Samson Stomp 5K, Cullen 5M Run, Brown Deer 5K, Superun 5K, Firecracker 4M, Cudahy 5M,  Al’s Run 8K, and Discovery Run 5 Mile
(Note: Athletes must complete 4 events to be eligible for awards)

2019 Long Distance Series – MEN – WOMEN
Events: South Shore Half, Brown Deer 10K, Ice Age Half Marathon, Hartfest Half, Cudahy 10M, Strider Half, Lakefront Marathon, Lakefront Discovery 15K, Indoor 10 Mile
(Note: Athletes must complete 3 events to be eligible for awards)

2019 Ultra Distance Series – MEN – WOMEN
Events: John Dick 50K, Ice Age 50M, 24/12/6 Hr Runs, Glacial 50M

(Note: Athletes must complete 2 events to be eligible for awards)


NOTE:  Details for the 2020 Club Championships will be announced and opened after January 1.  Check our Facebook page and this website for details as they become available.



Club members will need to register with Dennis Shoemaker to participate in the Club Championship Series.  Members as of 1/1 have until 3/31 to register for the current year.  New members can register until 6/30.  Participants are automatically carried forward to the new year.  

Members wishing to register for the Championship Program should provide the following information in your email to the email address below:
1. Full name with middle initial.

2. Nicknames used on race entries.

3. Date of Birth. (Do not provide just your age group. It will be determined based on your age on 7/1.)

4. Home address.

5. Series you are entering. (You may enter all 3.)

6. Strider race or program you will volunteer for.

7. T-shirt size.

8. How did you find out about the program?

9. Let me know what Strider events you have completed in the current year.

10. Are you a new member this year?

Spouse and children will need to register separately. Striders compete against other Striders in the same age group.  Awards will be presented to the top 4 finishers in each Series with more than 10 participants and top 3 finishers in other age groups.

Send information to Dennis Shoemaker (shoeboxx50

Also, help spread the word around!

2018 Badgerland Striders Championships


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